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Business Of The Month - The Salty Hamper Co.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Each month InnoClub will feature a business owned and or operated by someone from the veteran / first responder communities.

And with Fathers Day just around the corner, our inaugural Business of the Month is Gunning (NSW) based operation, The Salty Hamper Co. Enjoy our interview with owner Georgina Mitchell, and get your exclusive InnoClub discount code to use in the lead up to Fathers Day!

The Salty Hamper Co. is located in a small country town, an hour's drive from Canberra. Launched by ADF Veteran Georgina Mitchell in early 2021, The Salty Hamper Co. has a very clear vision ... "to create unique gift hampers that are filled to the brim with fantastic products from Australian Defence and Emergency Services veteran and spouse-owned businesses."

RAAF Veteran and partner of First Responder, Georgina Mitchell is the driving force behind The Salty Hamper Co.

Georgina served time in the Royal Australian Air Force, whilst her partner not only served in the Army, but is currently with the Emergency Services. It's this combined history that prompted Georgina to start a business that supported other veterans and first responders in their business journey.

InnoClub Entrepreneur Program Manager, Tim Lewis, spent time with Georgina to learn more about The Salty Hamper Co., and how her own operation is providing opportunities for other veteran and first responder businesses.

One of the great range of hampers from The Salty Hamper Co., filled with products from veteran and first responder businesses.

1. Tell us a little about The Salty Hamper Co.; what does it offer, how long has it been in operation.

Georgina: The Salty Hamper Co is a platform for veteran and first responder, current serving and spouse owned businesses. We make gift hampers filled with products exclusively sourced from those types of businesses. We have a collection of pre-made hampers, or anyone can jump on our website and design their own by just choosing products from our range.

The Salty Hamper has been running for 18 months now (YAY!)

2. What was the "moment" that led to starting the business?

Georgina: I used to be part of a fantastic veteran owned coffee business; it was such a special family and while we sometimes collaborated with other veteran businesses, I thought “Surely there must be a way to share and support more businesses at once”.

That’s where the brainstorming started. Family members helped me raise $5000 to buy as many veteran products as I could, as well as all the boxes and other components to create the hampers. I had no idea of just how much was involved in getting a business up and running… but It was Christmas/New Years 2020/21 and we were ready to go!

3. Does your business retain any special connection the ADF / First Responder communities?

Georgina: Our mission is simple; to offer the Australian public the best range of hampers for all occasions and budgets, whilst supporting as many businesses from within the ADF and First Responder communities as possible.

Whether current or former serving, and including spouses and children, our hampers offer not just great quality and value, but an opportunity to profile and drive business for our tribe.

4. What's your single biggest business challenge today?

Georgina: The deliberate business proposition for The Salty Hamper Co. puts us at a pricing disadvantage compared to the majority of our competitors.

Let’s be honest; although products from small businesses are higher quality, this makes them more expensive to produce and as a result costs us more to include in our hampers. Our competitors have global markets from which to source their solutions, and can also have a couple of major items, then 'flesh out' the rest of their hamper with cheaper filler products. That's not our business model, so as a result it's a challenge being competitive.

We just hope more consumers understand the broader good we're trying to achieve, not for ourselves but for other veteran and first responder businesses as well.

5. What's been your single biggest success?

Georgina: The fact that The Salty Hamper has maintained its commitment to sourcing product solely from businesses from the current and former ADF and First Responder communities in our hampers ... giving them national profile in the process.

6. What's a favourite mantra that keeps you going?

Georgina: "Whichever path comes next, whether clear, confusing, planned or completely by surprise, it will always be ok."


The Salty Hamper Co. is offering a 30% discount to InnoClub members in the lead up to Fathers Day. Simply visit and use code WWS22CN at checkout.

We also love giving veteran businesses a free plug. Get in touch and tell us who we should be catching up with next month. And feel free to put your own business forward!

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