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InnoClub announces partnership with RSL & Services Clubs Association

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

In recognising the common goals of supporting current and ex serving personnel and their families, InnoClub is proud to announce a partnership with the RSL & Services Clubs Association.

There are many different forms of community Clubs established to ensure a local place of remembrance for the contributions of Australian Defence Force personnel. Whether they be branded RSL Clubs, or Diggers, Legion, ANZAC, Soldiers, Memorial or SS&A (Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen), they all exist with the welfare and support of veterans as their primary focus.

As the peak organisation representing these various Clubs, The RSL & Services Clubs Association was established with a number of clear objectives, one of them being to ensure that these values are recognised within the veteran community.

There are many different ways in which the RSL & Services Clubs Association demonstrates their support for the veteran sector, but none is more impactful that the Veterans Benevolent Fund.

Veterans Benevolent Fund

The Veterans Benevolent Fund (VBF) is the charitable arm of the RSL & Services Association, supported by member Clubs who maintain a strong commitment to veteran services.

Established to contribute funds to the programmes and services that deliver real outcomes for veterans and their families, the VBF is overseen by an independant Board and approved by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC). The VBF provided almost $200,000 in funds in the 2020/21 alone.

Margot Smith, RSL & Services Clubs Association Chief Executive Officer, recently announced funding for InnoClub to help deliver its business education and support programmes.

"One of the key objectives of the Veterans Benevolent Fund is to provide financial assistance to community organisations which deliver assistance to current or former ADF personnel and their families, especially those returning to civilian life", said Ms Smith.

"InnoClub's unique education, mentoring and support for current or former serving members of the ADF looking to start or grow their own business is precisely the type of proactive service the VBF was established for. The fact InnoClub understands the impact of service life on spouses, and include them in their services, is to be commended".

The partnership with RSL & Services Clubs Association will enable InnoClub to expand the number of face to face workshops and online short courses it provides. This will include InnoClub's flagship event, the 4 day Entrepreneur Course, with one being scheduled in Sydney before the end of 2022.

Although designed for the veteran community, Ms Smith also recognised the value of InnoClub's offerings to the Club sector.

"InnoClubs online short courses in particular are a great way for Clubs to engage with their veteran and community partners, to upskill them and add value to those relationships".


If you're thinking of starting your own business, or growing an existing one, our Entrepreneur Course is the perfect way to bring bring your ideas to life. Dates are being finalised for the Sydney Entrepreneur Course, sponsored by the Veterans Benevolent Fund, but you can register your interest by clicking here. We'll keep you updated as details are finalised.

For more information on RSL & Services Clubs Association or the Veterans Benevolent Fund, visit

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