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InnoClub attends RSL NSW State Conference

RSL NSW held its annual State Congress in Newcastle earlier this week, where InnoClub welcomed the opportunity to attend as an exhibitor.

The Congress attracted more than 360 delegates from around the state, over a 2 day period, providing InnoClub a perfect opportunity to show how its entrepreneurial services can benefit any RSL Sub Branch.

InnoClub Programme Manager, Tim Lewis, likens the modern challenges for a Sub Branch to those experienced by any business.

"RSL Sub Branches are looking for more ways to attract new members, and retain their existing ones", said Mr Lewis. "Realistically, this is no different to a business wanting to attract new customers, whilst continually adding value to keep the ones they already have."

InnoClub's aim is to assist the Veteran and First Responder communities to prosper in civilian life, through starting or growing their own business. This is achieved through education, mentoring and other support services. In some cases, InnoClub even provides seed funding.

In demonstrating the benefit of taking a business approach to the operations of an RSL Sub Branch, Woonona Bulli became the first Sub Branch in Australia to participate in the InnoClub Entrepreneur Course.

Vice President, Stuart Kast, attended the 4 day event on behalf of the Sub Branch, with the specific objective of identifying ideas and strategies to help improve their effectiveness.

"I found the InnoClub Entrepreneur Couse very interesting, and gained valuable insight into ensuring our new ideas had the best chance of success", said Mr Kast. "I particularly liked learning some things that can be used by us immediately, such as the benefit of undertaking customer research, and how to interpret results".

The strategies that the Woonona Bulli Sub Branch developed as a part of the Entrepreneur Course will assist them in better understanding the needs of younger veterans, and in turn, exploring different ways to engage.

This was a sentiment that resonated with many other Sub Branches who visited the InnoClub stand at the NSW Congress. The final Entrepreneur Course is being held in Sydney in early December, with the support of the RSL & Services Clubs Association, through their Veterans Benevolent Fund.

Places are limited, so if your Sub Branch is looking for modern innovative ways to improve engagement with the veteran community, register today or contact InnoClub for more information.

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