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InnoClub features in Military Life podcast.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Beck Rayner has been a military spouse for 20 years. Recognising that the families of serving members face their own unique and diverse range of challenges in being 'married to the military', Beck established Military Life - a dedicated Community to provide support, insights, connection, and much more.

As Beck explains it, "I've been living this oh-so-complicated but beautiful life for 20 years ... 20 years of packing and unpacking, leaving friends and making friends, living with my military guy and living apart. 20 years of all the ups and downs and crazy turns that is military life."

Recognising that this life often leads many spouses to feeling 'disconnected', the concept behind Military Life is to be a 'spiritual home', where the spouse and family community can share and support all the 'disappointments and the excitements, the challenges and the celebrations'. It's about a safe place to be seen; where members can feel like they 'belong'.

To achieve this community connection, Military Life has a broad range of ways in which members can engage, including:

  • Facebook and Instagram pages

  • regionalised Facebook private Group pages

  • face to face events via Community Connectors

  • online Zoom 'catch ups'

  • a Defence Partner Info Hub

  • thoughtful services, such as "Lots of Love Care Packages"

One of the most popular services however is the Military Life Podcast.

With more than 130 episodes available, Beck has created an invaluable catalogue of content.

Episodes not only explore in greater detail some of the services she's created (such as Episode 139 - Military Life Community Connectors EXPLAINED), but also, one-on-one interviews with other spouses and their individual Military Life experiences.

Beck also includes the broader defence support community by interviewing other Ex Service Organisations. In fact, Episode 135, titled "Spouse Entrepreneurs - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!" featured our very own InnoClub co-founder, Chris North.

Beck and Chris covered a range of topics, including:

  • the importance of supporting Defence partner and veteran entrepreneurs

  • how InnoClub helps spouses map out a new business idea, or expand an existing one

  • why Governments and registered Clubs should be giving a hand-up, not a hand-out

And so much more.

You can listen to Beck and Chris's podcast interview by clicking on the below link:

For more information on the many ways in which you can become a part of the Military Life community, visit or click here.

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Just listened to the latest episode of the 'Military Life' podcast with snippets from InnoClub - such an engaging look at the intersection of innovation and military operations! The discussions were captivating and thought-provoking. If you enjoy podcasts that offer a fresh perspective, this one is definitely worth a listen. And if you ever feel like jotting down your thoughts and ideas while listening, check out - a great tool for content creators and podcast enthusiasts!

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