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InnoClub launches first QLD Entrepreneur Course

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

After running the Australian-first Entrepreneur Course & Pitch competition in 3 different NSW locations in 2021, InnoClub took the programme on the road with its first Queensland event in May 2022.

Hosted by the iconic Currumbin RSL club, the 4 day course spread over 2 weeks saw ten different local start up and existing businesses learn key principles behind bringing an idea to life, or scaling up an existing one.

Participants were exposed to a broad range of vital topics, from defining a Product / Market fit, to learning how to pitch for investment.

Course participant and founder of Red Six, Michael Handley, has been successfully running Australia's most popular veteran mental health app for the past 3 years. With more than 10,000 downloads, and positive revenue streams, Michael saw the Entrepreneur Course as a means of developing strategies to grow his business further.

"I'm very proud of what I've been able to achieve over the past 3 years with Red Six, though I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons the hard way," said Michael. "The 4 day course with InnoClub was exactly what I needed as I develop strategies to grow the business further. The format really challenged some of thinking, and gave me a clear plan of attack. I only wish this had been available 3 years ago when I first started up".

A part of the 4 day Entrepreneur Course is to be pitching for investment. To reinforce the theory of how to prepare a killer pitch, the final day sees Course participants compete for $1,000 in seed funding. The InnoClub team obviously agreed that Red Six has a bright future, with Michael beating off some great competition to walk away with the investment.

InnoClub is working to expand these and other Courses throughout 2022 and beyond, increasing the number of short courses delivered via zoom as well as face-to-face longer format courses at more destinations around Australia.

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