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VET-1 paves the way for veteran business success

Celebrating the completion of the inaugural Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) program, we gathered at the historic Anzac Memorial in Sydney, on July 29.

Twenty-three participants were selected for the VET-1 program. The group was a mix of veterans, current serving members, and spouses from around Australia, including Perth, Townsville, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The online program culminated in a one day in-person residential in Sydney. Inspired by guest speakers Mick Carr, the force behind Grub Lub, and Eunika Kureck, IP Consult and Lawyer at Unilever, participants developed their 2-minute pitch for an opportunity to win $1,000 seed funding.

Panel of VIP guests gave honourable mentions to Adrian Sweatman, Jasmin Diab, Chris Ghalayini, and Julian Blok, before selecting Rikki Bradley as the Pitch Competition winner. Our congratulation to all of our participants for their commitment to the program and support for their veteran community.

Thank you to our Partners/Sponsors Frontline Labs would like to acknowledge our partners for their unwavering support of our Veteran Entrepreneur Training program:

  • RSL & Services Clubs Association

  • Campsie RSL Group

  • CommBank for Veteran

  • CyberCX

  • Innovation Club

  • Soldier On

Additionally, we’d like to thank all those who supported our Residential Day and selected the winner of our participant business pitch competition:

  • Anne Lawler (NSW TAFE)

  • Beck Rayner (Military Life)

  • Bill Sullivan (Salesforce)

  • Colin Farrell (Copar)

  • Tim Lewis (Veteran Friendly Australia)

Grateful for the on-going support of these organisations, Frontline Labs will continue delivering programs to support military members transitioning from service, the veterans, and their families, as they reintegrate into the community and unleash their business potential.

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