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Business Of The Month - Moman Productions

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Maurice Daniel Valentine is originally from the Mecca of Advertising, New York City. He is a born and bred New Yorker and even after living in Australia for just over 16 years, people say he still has kept his New York accent!

An artist since childhood, his abilities catapulted him to some of the best art schools in the United States. He graduated from The High School of Art and Design, whose famous graduates include fashion designer Calvin Klein and singer Tony Bennett. He also attended the world renowned Art Students League in New York to better his illustration skills. He was a graphic designer for almost 20 years before finally burning out and finding his new passion – videography.

He created his business, Moman Productions 8 years ago and is on his way to building a company that gives business owners in both the private and public sectors an affordable yet high quality option when it comes to online media.

US Army Veteran and Australian citizen, Maurice Valentine ... aka "Moman".

Moman (his nickname) joined the US Army aged 22 and was lucky enough to be accepted in the 142nd (ABN) Long Range Surveillance Detachment of the United States Army National Guard. Though his stint was only a few years, he credits that time in the service into help building him into the person he is today. One thing that people don't know about Mo is while in the US Army upon graduation from Airborne School, he went through the time honoured tradition of getting your “Bloodwings.”

He had the jump wings on his uniform (which are made out of metal, with 12mm prongs) continually punched into his bare chest until he bled like a stuffed pig! He still carries those scars today and is incredibly proud of them!!

So who is he?

He’s the man with a plan. He’s the doctor of style. He’s the videographer you need to hire to bring your message to the masses. He is “The Generalissimo” Maurice Valentine...of Moman Productions!!

moulage knee injury
Maurice "Moman" Valentine with former Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, and Australian documentary film maker Jeff Hughes.

InnoClub Entrepreneur Program Manager, Tim Lewis, spoke with Moman to learn more about Moman Productions, and how this New York native is making an impact in Australia.


Tim: Tell us a little about Moman Productions; what was your motivation for starting the business?

Moman: I have an extensive background in art going back to my childhood and it led to a rather storied career in advertising both in my hometown of New York City and here in Australia.

I am actually one of the few military veterans who owns a media business in Australia, so working on Defence and Veteran related projects is not just a passion, but a professional edge for the client.

That said, I believe it's important not to pigeon hole yourself in business. So I've expanded into other diverse sectors, such as healthcare, and recently started doing work with the Australian Federal Police.

I am a massive military history buff too, so if I can keep combining my passions with my business, I've no doubt my business will continue to grow by leaps and bounds!

Tim: Does your business retain any special connection to the ADF / First Responder communities?

Moman: I am connected and know many people in the ADF and I’m building relations with these communities every day.

I am also committed to our veterans and quite passionate about helping “civvies” understand what kind of capabilities we can provide for their businesses.

I actually plan on doing work with the ADF a little later on in the year through a few contacts I have in Canberra too - and I can’t wait!

moulage propeller strike
Moman is a big believer in networking, and makes the effort to attend as many industry events as possible, such as the 2022 Indo Pacific International Maritime Expo.

Tim: What was the "moment" that led to starting the business?

Moman: The truth is, Moman Productions came out of a tragedy.

I was a burned out art director with almost 15 years in advertising on two continents at the time. My wife’s career in social welfare was taking off. So we did the move from Brisbane to Sydney in 2013.

Things went great, until in late 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She died just a few months later.

Moman Productions came out of the tribute video I built for her. I sent it to a few people that knew her from her previous employment. It went viral throughout the entire building!

Without my knowledge it landed in front of the marketing manager. She did not know me – nor my wife. But was so impressed she contacted me and asked if I could freelance for her!!

I took that as a message from my wife to change careers.

It's funny how doing something that I had walked away from after burning out - creating a message through media - could lead to me re-entering the industry.

That "moment" was 8 years ago, and I think of it regularly. I guess it just goes to show the difference that passion and emotion can make, and something I commit to bringing to every project, and every client, I work with.

Tim: What's your single biggest business challenge today?

Moman: Without a doubt, getting potential clients to understand that it takes time to plan, shoot and edit effective videography.

It’s nothing that can get slapped together.

Just because someone has an iPhone, doesn’t make them a videographer, and it doesn’t make it the best option. I honestly believe that I am the best option.

I can shoot, edit and animate. I save clients loads of money whilst providing them with professional, world class videography.

It's always been true that you only get one chance to make a first impression. And when it comes to your business, I advise my clients to think about how they perceive other businesses when they see their video content.

It doesn't take long to identify those who have taken the cheapest option, versus those who have committed to a quality outcome.

My commitment is to provide clients with a product that they're proud to use to represent their businesses, without breaking the bank. But getting past the apathy is a challenge.

Tim: What's been your single biggest success?

Momad: Landing a yearlong contract with the NSW Government’s Sydney Local Health District has definitely been a highlight.

I am providing videography on PTSD and emotional support for all the hospital staff via the Bereavement and Palliative Care Departments, across several hospitals within the District.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience and enlightened me to the challenges that hospital staff experience doing their jobs. They suffer the same plights as many of our Veterans, so it's been very rewarding to not just work with amazing people, but ones I have some affinity for.

flesh wound moulage military emergency training scenario
Moman with Mike from Concord Hospital's Bereavement and Counselling Dept, during work on an innovative project assisting medicatl staff around PTSD and emotional support programs.

Tim: What's a favourite mantra that keeps you going?

Momad: It’s my late wife’s favourite saying; “Take Every Day as a Celebration.”

I look at every day, despite all the ups and downs of running a business, as something to cherish. This journey has been quite rewarding and being featured by InnoClub as a Business of the Month a huge blessing, so thank you!

Tim: What advice could you offer other Veterans / First Responders thinking of starting their own business?

Moman: Easy. Never take no for an answer from anyone. NEVER QUIT!!

When I joined the Army and finally became a member of the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, I looked back on all my training and thought about the few times I felt like quitting.

But I remembered every time I had that thought it my head – I kicked it right out! I was so glad I did. Because when I was finally assigned on a recon team I was SO proud of my achievement.

It’s the same in business. There will be challenges ahead. But whether you have a military or First Responder background, we've all been conditioned overcome them.

Yeah it can and sometimes will be painful. But just think of the reward. It’ll be worth it!!


Moman Productions is proud to support the Veteran and First Responder communities, including spouses who run their own business. If you have video needs that Moman can assist with, visit Moman Productions to find out how you can receive a 20% discount.

We love giving Veteran and First Responder businesses a free plug. Get in touch and tell us who we should be catching up with next month. And feel free to put your own business forward!

And don't forget to subscribe.

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