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InnoClub appears at Fortem Canberra Transition Seminar

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Although originating to support Australia's military veterans and families, InnoClub has quickly realised that First Responders experience similar challenges, yet with far less support.

For this reason, InnoClub has become a Pledge Partner with Australia's premier First Responder support organisation, Fortem Australia. Co-founded by Soldier On's John Bale, Fortem Australia was established to provide specialised wellbeing and mental fitness support to first responders and their families.

Pledge Partner

Recognising the commonalities of challenges that both military veterans and first responders face, InnoClub has signed as a Pledge Partner, reflecting our commitment to "creating opportunities for first responders and their families". InnoClub stands alongside the likes of Microsoft, Australia Post and KPMG, in committing to support job opportunities, training, education, upskilling and volunteering opportunities for other post-service roles and careers.

Canberra Transition Seminar

InnoClub joined a number of other organisations and guest speakers, including former NSW Police Inspector Charlie Hutchins, at a recent Transition Seminar hosted by Fortem Australia in Canberra.

These seminars give current and recently discharged first responders an opportunity to hear from a range of specialists on how to navigate the transition to civilian life.

Speakers not only shared their own transition experiences, but were joined by other presenters who provided advice on employment and education options.

InnoClub's Chris North was one of the presenters at this forum, speaking about the entrepreneurial support that InnoClub provides for those in the first responder community considering starting their own business.

For more information on Fortem Australia, visit their website, or subscribe to InnoMail to stay up to date with how InnoClub is supporting those at the front line of Australia's emergency services.

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