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New Entrepreneurship Course

Join the Innoclub for a new 4 day entrepreneurship course.

Under the guidance of industry experts and mentors, you will develop the skills needed to collaborate and commercialise your business solutions or ideas into something real!

DAY 1: Lean canvas model construction

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Achieving product market-fit

  • Determining the target customer

DAY 2: Validating an idea

  • Lean business validation

  • The side-effects of cognitive bias

  • Creating a pretotype

DAY 3: Persevere or pivot

  • It’s not too late to fix things

  • Results vs. Insights

  • What it means to change course

DAY 4: Pitching the idea

  • How to prepare a winning pitch

  • Pitch preparation

  • Pitch contest

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